Reviews & Assessments

The Caridon approach to project, interventions and change management is based on the premise that if you cannot measure the effects of the programme of work then there is no way of knowing if it has successfully delivered the expected outcome. You need to measure where you are against where you need to be as a set or coordinates or a ‘maturity and conformance level’ and then plot the roadmap to reach the end goal. Along the way, it is also important to review your position and correct your course as necessary by identifying and addressing the gaps.

Through real life experience our consultants have developed practical tools and methods to effectively review the readiness and requirements of your management systems and identify gaps and interventions to set the course for creating a mature, effective and efficient management system aligned with corporate objectives.

The methodology applied in the Caridon Roadmap to Organisational Growth applies a dashboard facility specially developed by Caridon consultants to track the effects on compliance and maturity throughout the intervention and beyond.

The benefits of the intervention must be maintained after the implementation phase, and the dashboard should be imbedded in the everyday management procedures to ensure that the target levels of compliance and maturity are tracked and maintained.