Caridon Academy is a leading ISO Training and Management Consultancy firm, providing service solutions across Africa.
The quality of your training is everything. It enables you to keep up with the latest industry practice, keep on top of ever-changing technical standards and comply with current legal and regulatory obligations. It furnishes you with the skills and knowledge to transform your people and business.

Yet, maintaining the same level of training across your organization can be complex, especially when dealing with numerous training providers. That’s why you need to ensure that all personnel, at both local and global level, receive consistent, effective, high-quality training – wherever their location.
Our company has trained entire departments and individuals across most of Africa, and believe we could be a valuable partner to your organisation.

The purpose of the Caridon Academy is to provide mentoring coaching and training for professionals.

We understand that no ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL and with this in mind, we offer our training solutions in a
variety of delivery formats, so that you can choose those that are best suited to your own requirements and those of your organisation. When it comes to tailored training, we will define your requirements and deliver customized training solutions to meet your exact needs.

With a proven track record delivering public, in-company and virtual courses, it is no wonder that many
of the largest companies and government institutions trust the Caridon Academy to train their professionals. Our courses are up-to-date with the latest industry best practice, technical standards as well as legal and regulatory compliance expectations. Now you can learn in a way that suits your needs, learning styles and goals with a range of flexible solutions, including public courses, in-house and virtual training.

Course Formats

Our qualified experts deliver face-to-face training in the form of public courses,
which gives you the opportunity to meet with your peers and discuss course topics with others who have similar issues. Throughout all discussions our experienced tutors help you to evaluate your insights so you are able to make calculated decisions when approaching strategic changes within your organisation or business units. Public courses are on fixed dates, in fixed locations – however we are able to create dates specifically for your teams, or provide you with in-house/company training.

Providing a dedicated and/or customised training course at your premises will allow you to shape the format of the course to suit your organisations specific requirements. In-house/company training may cost less than you think. Training in-house allows you to save on each individual delegate and also cut out travel and accommodation expenses, which can be significant.
It is also the ideal solution for organisations wanting to train a number of staff in the same location, or when confidentiality is key.

In order to keep-up-to-date with company demands and technology enhancements, we now offer Virtual training courses. Employees in multiple locations are taught ‘live’ online by our expert instructors. This training can take place in your own offices around the world, which means it saves everyone time and money. This is fast becoming one of our most popular course formats!