Our consultants are certified as implementers, auditors and trainers on a wide range of standards and frameworks, particularly in Quality, Information Security, Health and Safety and Business Continuity. Risk management is the basis of our approach and ensures that we address the issues in any organisation.

We are PECB partners and also represent the training and PECB MS certification services across Australasia and Africa.
Our adoption of the ISO standards in our professional services ensures consistency across all our projects and validates the understanding between customers and suppliers.

To that end, we have team of experts that can deliver trusted services across a wide range of standards including:

ISO 9001 Quality systems
ISO14001 Environmental Management
ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety
ISO22301 Societal Security -Business Continuity Management
ISO27001 Information Security
ISO21500 Project Management
ISO38500 IT Governance
ISO31000 Risk Management
ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management
ISO37001 Anti-bribery Management

Amongst our consultants are fully certified Management Systems Auditors who have conducted Certification Audits for organisations in diverse industries across Australasia and Africa